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Nursery for Lent and Easter


April 13th- 7:00pm Holy Thursday Mass

April 14th- 7:00pm Good Friday Mass

April 15th- 8:00pm Easter Vigil Mass

April 16th- 9:00am and 11:30am Easter Day Masses*


*The Parish nursery will open for children age 3 and younger .  Only the nursery located in the vestibule of the church (Room 228) will open; we will not open the K4 classroom for Easter Day Masses.  Children age 4 and older are asked to attend Easter Day Mass with their families.  



 Sunday Nursery School



2016-17 Academic Year- 

Sep 4, 2016- May 28.2017

Registration Open 

During the Academic Year, the Sunday Nursery School will use the SEEDS Gospel Weeklies program.  The SEEDS program presents the weekly gospel in an age appropriate way.  Each week the children will hear and discuss the gospel, do a craft or activity and have a snack.  Parents will be encouraged to continue the discussion at home with the weekly take-home booklet.  Children must be 3 by Sept 1, 2016 and potty-trained to attend this class.  Children who have turned 5 by Sep 1, 2016 and are starting Kindergarten for the 2016-2017 academic year have aged out of the program and may not register for this session.


Click here to register for Sunday Nursery School




The parish nursery provides safe, helpful and friendly care to children aged 6 months to 5yrs, allowing parents and caregivers the opportunity to celebrate Mass fully focused and participate in other parish activities.  

Church Nursery Mass and Event Schedule

Saturday Evening: 5:30 pm, 6months-5 year olds

Sunday Morning: 8:30 am, RE, 11:30 am, 6months-2yrs

**Sunday Nursery School: 3-5yrs in room 217 of school building 

Holy Days:  8:30 am Mass, 6months- 5yrs

 Wednesday Evening: 6:30 pm, RCIA- All ages... by advance notice

Thursday Mornings: Mother’s Ministry 9:15 am, 6 months-2yrs

(3-5 yrs in Room 217 of school building)

**The Sunday nursery School program uses Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Seeds program to present the weekly gospel message in an age appropriate format.  Each week the Children will hear and discuss the gospel, work on a craft or activity and have a snack.  The program is open to all children aged 3 by Sep 1, 2015 (and potty-trained) to 5 (not starting Kindergarten).  There is no cost for this program but children must be registered to attend.  Click here to register 



Youth Volunteers:

In addition to our paid staff, Youth volunteers are needed during weekend Masses.  Middle and High School students 6th grade and higher may volunteer.  Volunteers play, read, help with crafts and have fun.  Volunteers may earn service hours for their time.  

For more information and to get involved, please contact:

Jennifer Culver, 256-722-7929 x120,