My Own Church

My Own Church is St. John's new system for updating family information and providing you with records of your  
  • Giving History, 
  • Home and Mobile Access to the Parish Phone and Picture Directory
  • Scheduling of Ministries (coming soon!), and 
  • Registering and Viewing Enrollment for Religious Education.
Using My Own Church is easy, but here are some steps to follow and things to look for - just in case!
Steps for setting up your My Own Church account:
  1. Click on the My Own Church button (above, or at the end of these instructions).

  2. When you get to the sign-in screen, click the "New User?" link (see image below). You'll be prompted to request an account.

  3. After an administrator at St. John's approves your account, you'll receive an email with a link to log in to My Own Church.
What You Can Do in My Own Church
  • Update Family and Member Information and Set Publish Preferences
  • View Pictorial Directory
  • View Giving History
  • Update Ministry Preferences and Availability and View Ministry Schedules (Ministries will utilize this feature at at later date)
  • Register for Religious Education Classes
Note: You'll always be able to access My Own Church via our parish website, but you may want to bookmark the sign-in page for your own convenience.
Update Family and Member Information and Set Publish Preferences
Under the My Family tab, you'll find information about your family and each family member. Please make sure that contact information (address, emails, phone numbers, etc. are up-to-date). You can add a family member if needed.
We will soon be adding the photos from our recent parish pictorial directory and encourage all who were not included to upload a family photo as well as individual member photos.  Learning names and faces is a wonderful way to build community and friendships in a large parish. But even if you choose not to make your photograph "public" to other St. John's parish members, it will be a great benefit to our pastors who are often called out on emergency visits to have a photograph available and be able to recognize the members of the family in need. 
You have the ability to set your Publish preferences using the check-boxes provided to specify what general family information you wish to make visible to other St. John's families using the online pictorial directory. Publish options are available for: 
  • Address
  • Primary Phone
  • Primary Email
  • Family Photo
Remember that only parish families with login credentials that we have granted will have access to your directory information in the My Own Church pictorial directory, and individual member information is not published. We will never allow access of your information to the general public.
Note: Before any changes you made will take effect, they must be approved by a church administrator. So if you don't see changes take place immediately, don't worry-we'll approve your changes soon!
View Pictorial Directory
You can view the St. John's pictorial directory by clicking the link below your main tabs. Search for a family by last name or use the letter grid to browse through families alphabetically by last name. Just as your family's general information is published (or not published) based on the Publish preferences you set, you will see other families' phone numbers, emails, photos, and addresses based on the Publish preferences they have set for their own records.
We hope the pictorial directory will be a great resource for you as you connect with your church family!
View Giving History
You can view your giving history by clicking on the Giving History button.
It's always a good idea to double-check our records with yours. If you have questions about your giving history or think we may have made an error, please contact our Finance Manager, Judy Berkowitz, at
Register for Religious Education Classes
Click on the Religious Education tab and then the Online Registration button. From here, you can verify details in your family record and register for religious education classes.
Is our Parish Data Safe?  Yes!  Read more HERE.
Click the "My Own Church" Button to get started!

Want help getting started? Check out these video tutorials:

My Own Church - Member Navigation from ParishSOFT on Vimeo.